Saturday, November 7, 2009

West Side Story

Grant and Aubrea were in "West Side Story" at BHS. Grant played the part of "Riff" and Aubrea was a "Shark" girlfriend. Of course we thought they were terrific! Grant had never played a part quite like "Riff" before and boy did he pull it off!!! Aubrea LOVED her Petti-skirt (I've wondered if that was her favorite part of the show - he he). Our kids have always been blessed to be in shows with each other - they have such a fun time together and we've loved watching how they cheer each other on. On Closing night Grant, "Riff", dies - right after it's intermission - well the lights on stage go down and the auditorium lights go up - to keep the illusion of "Riff's" death, the "Jets" come back on stage to carry "Riff" off. Don't worry - after the "Jets" pick up Grant they drop him and one of them trips over him, hitting him with his knee and breaks Grant's nose!!! Yep, closing night! Way to take one for the team/show! Blessing - he stills has a beautiful nose - not misplaced much at all. All's well! What great memories!


Aunt Tiff said...

What amazingly talented kids you guys have...but then again, they have amazingly talented parents!

The Duckworth Family said...

They look fantastic! And your grandbabies are just adorable. I wish I had the opportunity to get to know them, although I don't have to have met them to love them!

Sarah said...

Umm...when did your kids get old enough to be at Bountiful High?! Ah! Wasn't it yesterday I came to Aubrea's baptism? I'm sorry I missed it...nothing but amazing talent from the Gibbons family! :)