Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Pics of 2010

Aunt Bebe with baby Jesse. He looks like he's already smiling @ two weeks old. So sweet.

Aubrea, Grant and AnnAlyse. It looks like Aubrea is the shortest one of the group but she's now actually taller than AnnAlyse. Grant still is taller than the both of them. Great kids!

Eliza!!! Such a cutie!

Porter!!! Isn't that the cutest look on his face?

Chelsea! I tell you, they're starving her. Cute cheeks!

Brock and Aunt Nannies! Those smiles :-]

Guy's headshot for Auditions.

Michael, Grant, Rick Baptist (the NUMBER 1 trumpet player in the WORLD) and Barry. Rick came and recorded at the Studio. He was SOOOOOOOO amazing! Such a good man too! He's a total family man, religious, doesn't drink or smoke - not even a foul mouth. Now who does that these days that is that famous? Our family went took him out to dinner and had an amazing experience listening to his stories about what he's played on. Here are just a few: Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall", movies such as "The Incredibles", "Up" and "Avatar", Michael Buble, Josh Grobin and the list goes ON AND ON!!!!

Celebrating Bare's 49th Birthday! LOVE that man!!!

Family photo!

Introducing Jesse Perkins Black

Introducing Jesse Perkins Black born January 9th, 2010. Born one week early weighing 9 lbs. 3 oz.!!! He is SUCH a sweet little/BIG boy!! He is much LOVED by his siblings, Eliza and Porter. Eliza named her little brother Jesse months prior and their VERY wise parents decided to keep it. He truly looks like and Angel so Jesse fits him to a T! He has a VERY sweet nature about him and melts our hearts! Aubrea and I drove up the week after he was born and stayed for a week and just LOVED being with their ADORABLE family and then Bare flew in the day before we were to leave so he could drive us home. It was so wonderful seeing how there family has grown! They have their evening ritual down pat with singing a Primary Hymn, reading the Book of Mormon, singing the "Amen" song then Praying and marching off to bed while singing the Jungle Book Elephant song. It is ADORABLE!!! We miss not being with them daily but are SO grateful the Lord is watching over them in Washington! Love you Black Family!

Aunt Aubrea (Bebe) with Porter, Eliza and Jesse.

Mimi and Papa with those three little munchkins. See all that dark, beautiful hair on Jesse's head?

Family photo right before bed.

CHRISTmas 2009

Random CHRISTmas pics. It was SOOO good to have (almost) everyone there (the Black family couldn't come cause Brook was too close to her due date). We did our traditional Nativity Scene (doesn't everyone do that @ CHRISTmas time?), ate French food (believe it or not, I fixed it) and most importantly enjoyed the true meaning of the day.

Grant got the big SUPREEZE CHRISTmas a.m. - his first Cell phone! Bare set it up the night before and had me call his number as he was opening it up. He kept saying, "Whose Cell phone is that ringing? As you can tell, he was VERY happy!!!!

Megan made me these Three Ribbon Trees. SO cute! They go with my favorite book, "The Three Trees. Thanks Megz!

We scored BIG with Brock - he LOVED his ball we got him! Don't you LOVE his smile?

Guy peeking @ what he got.

Our CHRISTmas Eve Nativity Scene. Michael played Joseph, Jenny played Mary and Chelsea played the part of baby Jesus of course. So sweet!

This is how Chelsea was dressed CHRISTmas Eve! A little elf!

Picking up Guy in FRANCE!!!

I'm too ridiculous to remember to load my pictures last to first so you get to see it backwards. Just remember the initial excitement was when Barry and I met Elder Guy Richey Gibbons @ the Toulouse, France airport with his Mission President and wife, the Carter's, even though it looks like he came home first and then we went to France. Nope - it didn't happen that way. Bare and I flew out on the 8th of December, 2009 and we returned home to the SLC airport on Dec. 15th. Guy looked SO good and of course I was a bawling mess. It was HEAVENLY to not only see him again but to meet the Carter's. What WONDERFUL people they are! I'll do my best to post who's who but if I can't remember just enjoy the pics anyway. We LOVED ALL of it!!!

Meeting Brock Flinders for the first time. Brock was a tiny bit confused cause Uncle Guy looks just like who he thought was Uncle Grant. "Hmmm . . . I think someone's messing with me here."

Guy meeting Jenny and Chelsea for the first time. You can tell, they're going to be good friends. Michael anxious to have Uncle Guy meet adorable Chelsea.

Here he is, coming down the "infamous" escalators to meet the cheering crowd (family - that's all).

A view from the TOP of the Eiffel tower!

Yep! It's freezing that high up!

Proof that Barry and I were there in the Louver.

Famous Mona Lisa.

Our very first view of Paris @ about 7 a.m. - BEAUTIFUL! We stayed not far from the Eiffel Tower so this is what we saw each day to as we got on the Metro from our Hotel which was ALSO amazing!

Elder Moody (who's now serving as the Assistant) who was one of Guy's companions, Guy, Elder Barrus. GREAT ELDERS!!!

Montpelier @ night.

We had Breakfast with President and Sister Carter in Toulouse. Such AMAZING people. We LOVED the company and the French PASTRIES!!!!!!!!!

The Daudruy family. We had dinner with them. Brother Daudruy is the Ward Mission Leader there in Toulouse. GREAT people too!!!!!!

Guy in the Toulouse Town Center. Right after this picture was taken we were doing some shopping and my Passport and money were stolen. STRESSFUL but LOTS of blessings along the way!!!!! We got home - a day later but we DID get home!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Introducing . . .

4th Grandchild of Barry & Lucie Gibbons
Daughter of Michael & Jenny Gibbons
Born: November 19, 2009
Time: 11:47 p.m.
Weight: 7 lbs. 7 oz.
Length: 21 inches

Mommy & Baby are doing so very well! She is nursing and sleeping just like a baby should - we love her so much. She is our little bundle of joy! We are so grateful to have this new "cute as a button" addition to our family.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Say "Cheese", French style!

I seriously can't believe that Barry and I leave to pick up our Missionary, Elder Guy Richey Gibbons, in three weeks from TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about all I can think of, except Michael and Jenny having their baby, Chelsea, any day now (her due date is TODAY), as well as planning the Bishopric/Single Sisters dinner, speaking at the CHRISTmas R.S. dinner, . . . ! Ok, so I have a few other things on my mind as well but seriously - HE'S COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!! I have LOVED having missionary sons out serving the Lord FULL time - there just comes a point when you are SOOOOOOOOO ready for them to come home you don't think you can stand it for one more day. I remember when we went to pick up Michael I made Barry drive around the mission home SEVERAL times before we actually picked him up the following day. Barry thought for sure Michael spot us. This time, Guy will actually meet us at the Airport (our flight doesn't get in til the afternoon). I'll post the millions of pics that Barry will take as soon as we're home - or as soon as CHRISTmas is over - or as soon as Guy's Homecoming is over (you get the idea, my life NEVER slows down). Say "Cheese" in French!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

West Side Story

Grant and Aubrea were in "West Side Story" at BHS. Grant played the part of "Riff" and Aubrea was a "Shark" girlfriend. Of course we thought they were terrific! Grant had never played a part quite like "Riff" before and boy did he pull it off!!! Aubrea LOVED her Petti-skirt (I've wondered if that was her favorite part of the show - he he). Our kids have always been blessed to be in shows with each other - they have such a fun time together and we've loved watching how they cheer each other on. On Closing night Grant, "Riff", dies - right after it's intermission - well the lights on stage go down and the auditorium lights go up - to keep the illusion of "Riff's" death, the "Jets" come back on stage to carry "Riff" off. Don't worry - after the "Jets" pick up Grant they drop him and one of them trips over him, hitting him with his knee and breaks Grant's nose!!! Yep, closing night! Way to take one for the team/show! Blessing - he stills has a beautiful nose - not misplaced much at all. All's well! What great memories!