Thursday, March 4, 2010

Picking up Guy in FRANCE!!!

I'm too ridiculous to remember to load my pictures last to first so you get to see it backwards. Just remember the initial excitement was when Barry and I met Elder Guy Richey Gibbons @ the Toulouse, France airport with his Mission President and wife, the Carter's, even though it looks like he came home first and then we went to France. Nope - it didn't happen that way. Bare and I flew out on the 8th of December, 2009 and we returned home to the SLC airport on Dec. 15th. Guy looked SO good and of course I was a bawling mess. It was HEAVENLY to not only see him again but to meet the Carter's. What WONDERFUL people they are! I'll do my best to post who's who but if I can't remember just enjoy the pics anyway. We LOVED ALL of it!!!

Meeting Brock Flinders for the first time. Brock was a tiny bit confused cause Uncle Guy looks just like who he thought was Uncle Grant. "Hmmm . . . I think someone's messing with me here."

Guy meeting Jenny and Chelsea for the first time. You can tell, they're going to be good friends. Michael anxious to have Uncle Guy meet adorable Chelsea.

Here he is, coming down the "infamous" escalators to meet the cheering crowd (family - that's all).

A view from the TOP of the Eiffel tower!

Yep! It's freezing that high up!

Proof that Barry and I were there in the Louver.

Famous Mona Lisa.

Our very first view of Paris @ about 7 a.m. - BEAUTIFUL! We stayed not far from the Eiffel Tower so this is what we saw each day to as we got on the Metro from our Hotel which was ALSO amazing!

Elder Moody (who's now serving as the Assistant) who was one of Guy's companions, Guy, Elder Barrus. GREAT ELDERS!!!

Montpelier @ night.

We had Breakfast with President and Sister Carter in Toulouse. Such AMAZING people. We LOVED the company and the French PASTRIES!!!!!!!!!

The Daudruy family. We had dinner with them. Brother Daudruy is the Ward Mission Leader there in Toulouse. GREAT people too!!!!!!

Guy in the Toulouse Town Center. Right after this picture was taken we were doing some shopping and my Passport and money were stolen. STRESSFUL but LOTS of blessings along the way!!!!! We got home - a day later but we DID get home!!!

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Anonymous said...


Could you indicate me how to join Elder Guy Richey Gibbons ?

I found in my bookshop situated 7 rue Romiguieres, 31000 Toulouse, an album photo which seems belong to him.

I think that he lost it when he was in Toulouse in 2009 (?).

I thank you for your answer.

Good day.
Sylvie RAFFELLI (email :