Thursday, March 4, 2010

CHRISTmas 2009

Random CHRISTmas pics. It was SOOO good to have (almost) everyone there (the Black family couldn't come cause Brook was too close to her due date). We did our traditional Nativity Scene (doesn't everyone do that @ CHRISTmas time?), ate French food (believe it or not, I fixed it) and most importantly enjoyed the true meaning of the day.

Grant got the big SUPREEZE CHRISTmas a.m. - his first Cell phone! Bare set it up the night before and had me call his number as he was opening it up. He kept saying, "Whose Cell phone is that ringing? As you can tell, he was VERY happy!!!!

Megan made me these Three Ribbon Trees. SO cute! They go with my favorite book, "The Three Trees. Thanks Megz!

We scored BIG with Brock - he LOVED his ball we got him! Don't you LOVE his smile?

Guy peeking @ what he got.

Our CHRISTmas Eve Nativity Scene. Michael played Joseph, Jenny played Mary and Chelsea played the part of baby Jesus of course. So sweet!

This is how Chelsea was dressed CHRISTmas Eve! A little elf!

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