Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Pics of 2010

Aunt Bebe with baby Jesse. He looks like he's already smiling @ two weeks old. So sweet.

Aubrea, Grant and AnnAlyse. It looks like Aubrea is the shortest one of the group but she's now actually taller than AnnAlyse. Grant still is taller than the both of them. Great kids!

Eliza!!! Such a cutie!

Porter!!! Isn't that the cutest look on his face?

Chelsea! I tell you, they're starving her. Cute cheeks!

Brock and Aunt Nannies! Those smiles :-]

Guy's headshot for Auditions.

Michael, Grant, Rick Baptist (the NUMBER 1 trumpet player in the WORLD) and Barry. Rick came and recorded at the Studio. He was SOOOOOOOO amazing! Such a good man too! He's a total family man, religious, doesn't drink or smoke - not even a foul mouth. Now who does that these days that is that famous? Our family went took him out to dinner and had an amazing experience listening to his stories about what he's played on. Here are just a few: Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall", movies such as "The Incredibles", "Up" and "Avatar", Michael Buble, Josh Grobin and the list goes ON AND ON!!!!

Celebrating Bare's 49th Birthday! LOVE that man!!!

Family photo!


~Jake, Brianna, and Jocelyn~ said...

Hello, Lucie! This may be the most random post you ever receive, but I am a large fan of your family. My favorite LDS album is "My Soul Delighteth." I've listened to it forever and was wondering if you ever created a songbook out of it. I was researching that online and came across your blog. I hope this is not intrusive! I'm so glad your family used their talents to bless the lives of others. I know my life has been blessed. If you could e-mail me at to let me know about whether or not a songbook was made, that would be wonderful! The reason behind it is when my daughter was born, her doctor thought there were some medical complications and she was tested for a few things. Everything came back negative, and I was so happy. The song that instantly ran through my head was "I Will Praise Him." I love that song and would like to sing it with some talented people in my ward. Anyway, sorry for the long comment. Thank you for your music.


Aunt Tiff said...

Love Love Love all the pics!!! Your family is simply amazing!!!!

Luke&Megz said...

whoa brocko with long hair! and to think I was so sad to chop it off...why didn't anyone tell me it looked like a mop on his head? Love the pics! Post Beebee's prom pics soon!!

The Cox Crew said...


I just read the message you left on my blog-

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the kind words! I love hearing about people who receive my jewelry, and I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks again!

p.s. Megan's my neighbor and she's such a sweet girl, you must be a great mom!


nick said...

ok! said...

I like the photos of your family so much! The children are just adorable! I am mesmerized with you!