Thursday, March 4, 2010

Introducing Jesse Perkins Black

Introducing Jesse Perkins Black born January 9th, 2010. Born one week early weighing 9 lbs. 3 oz.!!! He is SUCH a sweet little/BIG boy!! He is much LOVED by his siblings, Eliza and Porter. Eliza named her little brother Jesse months prior and their VERY wise parents decided to keep it. He truly looks like and Angel so Jesse fits him to a T! He has a VERY sweet nature about him and melts our hearts! Aubrea and I drove up the week after he was born and stayed for a week and just LOVED being with their ADORABLE family and then Bare flew in the day before we were to leave so he could drive us home. It was so wonderful seeing how there family has grown! They have their evening ritual down pat with singing a Primary Hymn, reading the Book of Mormon, singing the "Amen" song then Praying and marching off to bed while singing the Jungle Book Elephant song. It is ADORABLE!!! We miss not being with them daily but are SO grateful the Lord is watching over them in Washington! Love you Black Family!

Aunt Aubrea (Bebe) with Porter, Eliza and Jesse.

Mimi and Papa with those three little munchkins. See all that dark, beautiful hair on Jesse's head?

Family photo right before bed.

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3 little cute angles they do have! I am stricken with their happy faces and little hands! Thanks for sharing!